Business Services

We will provide capabilities to grow your organization and increase the effectiveness of your organization translating into additional business:

Business Strategy:

Aligning organizational goals with program initiatives

Deriving business value from IT expenditures via Enterprise Architecture

Contract Vehicles & Quality Resourcing:

Offer an efficient vehicle for on-boarding resources
Supply high quality resources by working directly with hiring managers to understand needs

Ensure the longevity and success of the candidate

Provide efficient service to the client through on-time and accurate invoicing

Document Management and Production Services:

Provide consistently high quality and on-time deliverables and graphics which will enable the client to maintain its professional standards
Ensure that quality, evaluated by timeliness, accuracy, and appearance, is of utmost importance to the success of the program


Technology Services

We will provide the technical expertise on your systems implementation projects to provide high value development support

Security Services:

Implement secure systems best practices including Identity and Access Management Solutions, N-Tier Architectures, Encryption Schemas, and Application Security Controls

Data Center Services:

Maintaining availability in highly complex, integrated and dynamic environments

Service Desk and ITIL Services:

Leveraging ITIL best practices to develop, deploy, and manage IT Services

Database Design, Development & Management Services:

Provide an information management approach to provide access, availability, integrity, and security


Startup Services

Business Evaluation:

Perform a business analysis to evaluate whether or not you have a viable business plan or help you write a business plan.


Provide incorporation guidance on how to incorporate, what type of entity to incorporate, and where to incorporate.


Provide guidance on the types of insurance available and what types you need to provide a peace of mind.


Offer advice on how to maintain accurate and repeatable accounting, finance, and invoicing procedures to minimize overhead costs.


Provide advice on what type of legal support you can acquire and how.