About Us

Key Differentiators and Focuses

Ethics: We take a strong pride in promoting ethics in our organization, which includes respect for the client and each other. We believe that good people create good products and do what is right for the client.

Pragmatics: We are not only interested in doing a job for the job’s sake, but have a vested interest in adding value to your organization.

Industry Knowledge: We specialize in the federal space and know the special nuances in this industry to best deliver high value in terms of long term projects, dependable and reliable resources, specialized client needs, and procurement schedules.


Enterprise Strategy Corporation is a family-owned business that offers extensive expertise in providing management consulting services:

Yvonne Weng
yvonne.weng [at] enterprisestrategy.com
Worked in companies that included BearingPoint, IBM Global Business Services with a background in Human Capital Management. Yvonne has a BA in Psychology from University of Maryland, College Park.

Enlai Weng
enlai.weng [at] enterprisestrategy.com
Executive Partner/Owner and Business Development Lead
Worked in companies that included Accenture, Arthur Andersen, BearingPoint, and Booz Allen Hamilton with a background in Information Technology Architecture and Security. Enlai has two BS degrees in both Information Technology as well as Finance from University of Maryland, College Park.